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Where's My IRS Refund?Get the lowdown on your IRS refund now. Secure access anytime from anywhere.

Where's My Georgia State Refund?  - Haven't received your Georgia state refund yet?  Get the phone number and email for Georgia Department of Revenue here.

EFTPS - Electronic Federal Tax Payment System - Enroll here to make your business and personal tax payments online with the IRS!

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Current Prime Rate - Find out what the current lending rates are.

Credit Reports - Everyone is now entitled to get a free credit report from each credit bureau annually.

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Kelley Blue Book Used Car Values

Section 529 College Savings Plans - Here are some great links if you are interested in more information on college savings plans for your children:

Saving for College  - This is a highly recommended website for objective information on the available plans for Section 529 plans.

GA College Savings Plan - This is considered to be a very good plan and is favorable to Georgia residents.

Clark Howard's 529 Guide  - Clark recommends various state plans